Lone Star Model A
Christmas Party
December 8, 2019

The Committee:   Cheryl Tatro, Billie Cunningham, Max Phillips & Rebecca Jordan, Claude* & Joanne Folta

The Table

The Program

Appropriate Table Ornamemt

Santa's Sleigh

Check in and Gift Card Deposit

Cheryl Briefs the Club

Ed & Joan Angel

Robert & Kathy Bland

Al & June Bohn

Felix & Cindy Boston

Mark & Kiki Corry

Billie Cunningham

Jim Ferguson

Claude & Joanne Folta

John & Judy Ftacek

J R & Lois Howard

Fredrick Khoury

Dean & Shirree Krahn

Nancy McCormick
The Real Nancy

Mike & Nancy McDaniel

Dennis & Dixie McDaniel

Paul Ranney & Joy Morrison

John & Ashley Paterson

Max Phillips & Rebecca Jordan

Tom & Anne Rioux

Ken Smith

Bob & Gladys Steinmann

John & Linda Sullivan

John & Diana Sullivan

Joe Hocker & Cheryl Tatro

Ron & Laurie Taylor

Fred & Darleen Thompson

Barbara Waite

The bar

Dean & Shirree Krahn, Kathy & Robert Bland, Dixie & Dennis McDaniel, Tom & Anne Rioux




Ken Smith, Nancy McCormick, Billie Cunningham, Barbara Waite, John & Judy Ftacek, Cindy & Felix Boston




Ron & Laurie Taylor, June & Al Bohn, Mark & Kiki Corry, John & Ashley Paterson




Cheryl Tatro & Joe Hocker, Jim Ferguson, John & Diana Sullivan, Fredrick Khoury




Joanna & Claude Folta, Sally & Jack Fisher, Rebecca Jordan & Max Phillips, Fred & Darlene Thompson




Ed & Joan Angel, Gladys Steinmann, Nancy & Mike McDaniels, Bob Steinmann




Lois & J R Howard, Paul Ranney & Joy Morrison, John & Linda Sullivan




They served great desserts.

The Georgetown High School Choir led by Stacey Brandenberger

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

O Christmas Tree

Deck the Halls & Jingle Bells

Joanne gives a donation to Stacey for the choir.

Cheryl delivers box of gift cards and cash to the Salvation Army!!!

We all enjoyed the program.

* Sleigh Driver


Linda Sullivan - "That was a fantastic Christmas party. I loved having it at that& location. Thanks to all who worked hard."

John Ftacek - "Thank you to the team of ladies that put together the Christmas party.We had a wonderful time!"

Joanne Folta - "It was fun seeing everyone in their 'finery.'"

Nancy McDaniel - "Mike and I had a lovely time at the Model A party. It was so good to see everyone, and the food was really good!"

Rebecca Jordan - "Thanks also to Cheryl, Joanne, and Billie, the choir, the restaurant, and our woodworking elves, Claude and Max."

Photography: J R, Joanne, and Cheryl

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