Mac Haik Model A Visit
Sat, Aug 6th 2022

LeadersFelix Boston, Ron Taylor
DriversPat & Stacy Beagle, Al & June Bohn, Dan Cravens, Claude Folta
John Ftacek, Joe Hocker, J R Howard, Fredrick Khory, Earnest & Antoinette Nichols
Benny Parker, Jack Reeves, Gary Sutfin, Fred & Darleen Thompson, Scarecrow Willis

A sight to see from I-35.     A number of passerbys honked in approval.

Back row: Scarecrow, Benny, Patrick, Al, JR
Front row: Antoinette, Earnets, Fredrick, Claude, Jack, Ron, Joe, Fred, Darleen, and Felix
Nealing: John and Dan

Al, Scarecrow, Fred, and Fredrick

Felix and Al

Dan, and Claude at Dan's '31

Patrick's '28 Sports Coupe and Benny's '28 Tudor

JR's '30 and Tudor Ron's '31 Cabriolet

John's '31 Deluxe Coupe and Scarecrow's '30 Roadster   
Scarecrow has an interesting story about the bullet hole in his windshield.

Fredrick's '30 Coupe and Al's '30 Fordor

Felix's '31 5-Window Coupe and Fred's '29 Blindback Fordor

Joe's '30 Coupe and Claude's '31 Tudor

Gary's '30 Speedster and Jack's '30 Tudor

Dan's '31 Sport Coupe with Jack and Gary in a handshake

A Semi blew a tire and left chunks in a lane or two. It gave the drivers a few more seconds to view our antiques.

Ernest's '29 Tudor

Ask Ernest about the hoof mark on his hood. (Top middle of picture)

J R, Scarecrow, and Felix
Best Dressed

The End

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