April Restoration Clinic

Ron Taylor, John Sullivan, Jim Cunningham, Sam Sutter (Ron's uncle),
Joe Hocker, Glenn Schiller, Gerald Walker, Jim Ferguson, and Ed Angel

Glenn's car on jacks with skis in Jim Cunningham's garage.
Jim said he added them to work on soft ground; so maybe we should call them snow shoes.
Jim Ferguson removed a break drum, and John Sullivan measured the drum thickness.
The spring shackles will be replaced, and the shocks removed.

Before the meeting, Ron and Glenn removed the starter and old steering gear.
Paul Ranney sold Glenn a new steering box and shaft.
Ron donated an old steering wheel.

The exhaust manifold has already been replaced.
Glenn had an overhauled carburetor ready for installation.
Both fenders were protected with a pad.

Joe Hocker straightens a couple of brake rods.

John O'Loughlin's oil pan.
Jim will be replacing the old female threads and drain plug

Some people know that the shifter can be pulled up and rotated forward any time.
Some people have done this when they had three people in the front seat.
Some people have done this so that their date could sit closer on a cold night.
Sam Sutter dated in Ron's car when it had a lot more paint and knew all about this.