Restoration Clinic
February 12, 2022

Breakfast Club Patrick Beagle, Ed Angel, John Ftacek, Casey Miller, Felix guest, Felix Boston
Fred Thompson, Claude Folta, Dan Cravens, John Sullivan, and Jim Ferguson
Clinic AttendeesRon Taylor, Fredrick Khoury, Jack Reeves, Earnest Nichols

At the IHOP

Claude built a jig to hold a manifold so that he could re-surface the mounting faces.

Claude's manifold failed. You can see the soot on the broken flange to the muffler.

The jig could adjust to the many surfaces.
He would level the work piece on his desk for the intake ports then do a final level on his mill.

Claude demonstrated his milling machine.

All three sides of Claude's carbide tips are cutters.

Claude's fly cutter. Fly Cutters are a type of Face Mill that only uses 1 cutting edge.
They produce a better surface finish than most Face Mills. They're inexpensive relative to Face Mills.

Claude sells his starter switch in the MAFCA Magazine.

Ron timed Fred's car. Claude installed Fredrick's a vacuum gauge and it read about 18 inches.

Fred had a clear distributor cap and you can see the sparks. On Fred's truck, at idle, the vacuum gauge read 18 inches. Pinching down the hose on the vacuum gauge reduced the needle flutter enough to take the reading. Thanks to Casey for telling us about reducing the hose size. Ron also helped Fred with his turn signals.

Jim and Claude assist Dan in replacing his distributor shaft.

Several car doctors helped work on Earnest's '29 Tudor.
The spring inside a door latch broke and was a struggle to release. Fortunately, Claude had the part.

Much thanks to Claude for hosting this event, to Joanne for the hot chocolate
and coffee, and to all the grease monkeys that got their hands dirty.

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