Restoration Workshop
Saturday, July 8th 2023

Host:Al Bohn
Players:Jim Ferguson, Claude Folta, John Ftacek, Joe Hocker
Players:J R Howard, Fredrick Khourly, Gary Sutfin, Ron Taylor

Al's horn was a little horse, so he used some of his 3-M very fine paper to polish
the armature and then adjusted the set screw in the back.
There was some smoke, but no harm done.

Ron adjusted his emergency brake. Laying on a carpet to adjust the linkage sure beats hard concrete.

Ron's Cabriolet was pulling to the left so the front end was raised to adjust.
After a test drive, Ron used his infra-red gun to check the break drum temperatures.
The right side drums were about 12 degrees hotter than the left drums.

J R,  Ron,  Joe,  Claude,  Jim,  Fredrick,  Gary,  John,  and Al


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