Restoration Workshop
Saturday, June 10th

Felix Boston's garage

HostFelix Boston
PlayersJim Ferguson, John Ftacek, J R Howard, Casey Miller, Walter Payne
PlayersJack Reeves, Tom Romberg, John Sullivan, Ron Taylor, Rhett & Kaitlyn Kearns (San Antonio)

16 for Breakfast including new members Jim Ramsey and Rick Johnson

After breakfast, we drove through the Walmart and Home Depot parking lots.

Felix welcomed everyone to park on his front yard.


Tom's '29 Roadster is drivable, but whines a lot.


Walter kept everything in place until the other ramp was installed.

After running Tom's car on jacks, the noise appeared to be in front of the rear end.

JR, Jim, Felix, John F., John S. Casey, Guess, Walter, Tom, Jack, and Ron
Ron's car has been in the family snce 55. Jim bought a car for 2 green stamp books. Tom bought his car that was a half mile from his house.

Felix's 53 Pontiac could easily fit on a lift to make room for another Model A.

Rhett is a member of the San Antonio Club. The Emergency brake lever is mounted to right of transmission tower.
His Roadster stalled on the way over, would backfire, and a wind wing was loose.

June Restoration Workshop chronicled by Walter Payne

    It was one of those sweltering summer mornings. The kind of morning when you walk into the garage and the engine heat from that late night grocery run to make sure you have plenty of blueberries with that breakfast yogurt, has turned the garage into a sauna. With watery eyes and breathing ever so slightly labored, you seemingly swim though the thick, stale air to open the door to take out the trash. Once outside, it's even hotter. And it only 5:45am. Don't get me wrong, I love Summer. Only problem is, it's still late Spring!
    Enough chores for the morning, there is a Model A meeting to go to! Following the meeting will be one of my favorite club events, the Restoration Workshop. I hit the road, hot coffee in hand and grateful for the cool air-conditioning in my modern iron.
    Zooming down the toll road in the direction of a beautiful sunrise, I realize I'm about to pass a Model A. How can that be? Glancing down at the speedometer hovering at about 85, then back up to the shadowy, but unmistakable silhouette of a Model A, I then realize the A is on a trailer doing about 75.
    So I do what any self-respecting car guy would do. I slow down a bit to take a closer look…and a picture. 1928-29, Check. Roadster, Check. Alabama plates, What?
    Could he possibly be going to the meeting? We were just coming out of Austin, so no telling, but he was headed in the right direction. With my reconnaissance finished and pleased with my moving-target photo skills, I reset the cruise control and made a bee-line for the IHOP.
    Once there it was already getting to be a full house with 21 fine folks there by my count. Including guess who? Yep, the roadster with the Alabama plates. The roadster's owner is a new-ish member by the name of Tom Romberg. He brought his latest acquisition to take it to the Restoration Workshop being held right after the meeting.
    After parading the cars through a few busy parking lots, we caravanned our way from the IHOP to the garage of Felix Boston, our host for today. Felix has a wonderful front yard and always lets the Model A's park on the lawn, concours style.
    The work for the day centered around trying to determine the source of a noise coming from Tom's car, and some general maintenance issues along with a noise or two coming from Rhett and Katie's car. Though not a club member, Rhett has been to a couple of meetings seeking advice as a new Model A owner. As I understand it, the newlyweds Rhett and Katie are in the process of moving and will join another club when they get to where they are going. We wish them all the best and everyone was glad to lend them a hand and impart a little Model A knowledge along the way.
    A heartfelt thanks to our host Felix Boston, and to everyone who pitched-in, gave advice, scratched their head, looked surprised, and just showed up!


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