Restoration Clinic
March 20, 2021

HostFelix Boston
Chief Mecha nicRon Taylor
Model A DriversMax Phillips, Gary Sutfin, Jack Reeves, Charles White, Fred Thompson
Other DriversJohn Sullivan, Claude Folta, Fredrick Khoury, Bill Atkinson, Ed Angel, J R Howard
Felix, Ron, and one other met at the IHOP for breakfast.
As usually, on the third Saturday of the month, the Pistons on the Square in Georgetown was well attended.

Max's '28 Tudor

Gary's '30 Boattail

Jack's '30 Tudor
Ron adjusted the mixture richer to prevent backfiring. Jack greased some fittings.

Charles' '29 Tudor

Fred's '29 Sedan, Jack's '30, Ron's '31 Cabriolet
Ron adjusted Fred's brakes.

Felix's '29 5-Window Coupe

Felix making an announcement.

Felix has a two car garage plus this garage which has room for 3.
With a car lift, he could store two more Model A's.

Felix raved about the 1934 sauce.
See Fredrick Khoury for your bottle of bliss.
Also available as a Bloody Mary Mix

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