Restoration Clinic

at Jim Cunningham's garage
February 11, 2017

Charlie De Vaul, Joe Hocker, Felix Boston, Jim Ferguson, Jim Cunningham,
and John Ftacek supervise the work on Bob Steinmann's Fire Chief's car.

Ron Taylor, Bob Steinmann, John Anderson, and Glenn Schiller

Bob was concerned with his steering, so the first step was to align the front wheels.
If you park on some plastic bags, you can easily turn the steering wheel.

Paul Ranney brought his alignment tool along with some wooden stands.
Gerald Walker and Dave Casey were there, too.

Resting the alignment tool on these stands ensures you measure the same spot on the wheels.
Notice that your tool will be clear of the backing plate. Al Bohn can be found laying down often.

The tool is in place. These are on ebay for about $40.

The Manco Alignment tool shows a significant need for adjustment. After the toe-in adjustment (1/16 inch within 1/32 toe-in), the front wheel bearings were set, and the brakes were balanced. Les Anderson recommends tightening the wheel bearing nut with 10 pounds, with no play, then backing off two castle slots.

Jim's air pressure gauge and toe-in alignment tool

Only a slight adjustment was needed on John Ftacek's coupe.

Jim brings out the can of graphite powder for John's speedometer cable.

John's speedometer didn't make any more noise, after passing the cable through a little graphite.

Ron Taylor's car just wasn't running well.
Spraying some carb cleaner on the intake gasket increased the rpm.
Replacing the gasket is easy.

Al Bohn airs up the Fire Chief's car.
This was a full service place.

Plenty of storage space inside Glenn Schiller's truck for Jim's neighbor's leaves.
The leaves are for his composting and mulch.


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