Restoration Clinic
February 2018
Dave Casey and the knocking engine

Ron Taylor, Jim Sullivan, Al, and Dave

Jack Fisher, Paul Ranney, Max Phillips, and Claude Folta

Claude, Joe Hocker, Ron, and Jim

Claude, Ron, and Glenn Schiller's engine

Paul, Max, Charles White, and Claude

Piston Rod Cap: The next few pictures are how to obtain
the correct clearance for the connecting rods on the crackshaft.

Applying 35 pounds of torque, slowly

Measureing the
plastic gauge
1.5 thousands of squash is best

Seperating shims
Add shims to both bolts and torque.
Repeat until plastic gauge reading is acceptable.

Rear Main

The end play should be 3 thousands and not 17.
If you go for a cheap rebuild, Max said
"You don't get what you don't pay for."
The engine will have to go to T and A in
College Station to replace the slinger.

Dave shows Al Bohn his special oil used on the crank shaft.

This oil will stay put for months.

New member Michael Blackmond

The doctor is in
and listening to Taylor's engine.

Thanks to the host Dave & Lynn Casey

Photos by Glenn Schiller

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