Restoration Clinic
February 8, 2020

Host Max Phillips
The Wild BunchFrank Caldarola, Glenn Schiller, Al Bohn, Ron Taylor, Patrick Beagle
Jim Ferguson, John G. Sullivan, Ken Smith, Fredrick Khoury, J R Howard

Frank, Glenn, Al, Ron, Patrick, Jim, Max, John, Ken, and Fredrick take turns looking at Patrick's engine.  Max went over the various things he did after the January clinic: crimped fuse holder tighter, bent throttle rod, widened throttle pedal hole, removed paper filter on top of glass bowl, adjusted timing, replaced exhaust gasket, and clamped down the battery.

Max points out a failed exhaust crack patch.

Max shows what to bend to adjust the throttle linkage.

In the left picture, this arm (arrow) should touch the stop at full throttle. Right picture is idle.

Bend this arm toward the carbruator to get full throttle.

Lengthen spark rod to get full advance at the distributor body slot.
Mike's is one source for an rod insert

Al likes this cheaper insert from Amazon to lengthen the rods.

For '30 '31,another way to adjust the spark rod is to loosen the column brace
inside the car and the column clamp to rotate the steering column a little.
You might also have to loosen the steering wheel nut.

Drawings from Les Andrews' Model A Mechanics Handbook, Volumne I

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