Restoration Clinic
January 11, 2020

Host:Max Phillips
Cars: Charles' '31 Roadster, Patrick's '28 Sports Coupe, Jack's '30 Tudor, Jim's '30 Tudor
The A Team:Charles Powell, Patrick Beagle, Jack Reeves, Jim Young, J R Howard, Frank Caldarola
Benny Parker, John Ftacek, John G. Sullivan, Paul Ranney, Jim Ferguson, Ken Smith
Ron Taylor, Al Bohn, Glenn Schiller, Fredrick Khoury, Max Phillips

Glenn, Patrick, Al, Jim F., Benny, and others change points, condenser, coil, ignition switch, and wiring,
but still no fire in the hole.

Al, Max, Patrick, Glenn, and John continue to tinker in Patrick's car, and almost got her running.

Paul, Charles, Fredrick, John F., and Ron find a grounded circuit in Charles' car.
Charles brought some tasty grapefruit for all.

Frank, Jim Y., John F., Ron, Jim F. and Max get involved. Ron adjusted the steering box on Jim's Tudor.
The alignment was good, but the drag link to Pitman arm needed grease.

Ron adds a spacer to Jack's alternator to line it up with the engine pully and water pump.

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