Restoration Clinic
July 13 at Phillip's Garage

Leaders: Ron Taylor & Al Bohn

The good hands people
Jim Ferguson, Max Phillips, Joe Hocker, Tim Sellers, John Sutfin, Gary Sutfin,
John G. Sullivan, Al Bohn, Fred Thompson, and Earnest Nichols

John & Gary return from a test drive in their '30 Speedster.
Verdict? Top off the tank and get a 6 volt fuel pump on order.

Walter & Jim discussing distributor fixes.

Gary & John cleaning spark plugs.

Ron adjusts the gas-choke rod.

Jim & Max install a new condenser.

Jim helps Max

Running well on level ground.

Maximum brain power at work!

Ernest changes the oil
Also it should run better after installing a carbureator kit.

The four hoursemen - John, Jim, Tim, and Ron
Just clearing the building before starting

Photos by: Joe Hocker, Fred Thompson, & Walter Payne