Restoration Clinic
March 2019

HostMax Phillips
Attendees Ron Taylor, Jim Ferguson, Earnest Nichols, Joe Hocker
John Sullivan, Mark & Kiki Corry, Jedidiah Crone
Patients Yellow '29 Tudor, Black '29 Tudor

Earnest, John, Al, Mark, Jedidiah, and (Jim's back) attack Mark's '29 Tudor.
While we were draining the fuel tank, John pressurized the tank to get it to drain faster.

2. Joe flushes out the radiator.

Jim and Ernest listen to the the engine on Ernest's '29 Tudor

Jim lays on hands

Jim re-adjusts the points.

Mark removes the fan belt.

Note Max's '31 Fordor on skates

Waiting for the battery to charge

Max's '28 Tudor and Mark's '29 Tudor

Ron and Mark listen to Mark's engine

Picture and story by Max Phillips.

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