Restoration Clinic
Max's Garage
May 5, 2018

Ron Taylor, Al Bohn, Max Phillips, Becky Jordan, Joe Hocker, Dave Casey, Miller Casey
Felix Boston, John Sullivan, Patrick Beagle, Tim Collins, Fred Thompson, Ed Angel
John Ftacek, Max Phillips, Tiki Corry, Mark Corry, Jack Fisher, and J R Howard

Felix's mixture valve wouldn't turn; so, he replaced it.
Eight cooks investigate Mark's '29 Tudor which had too much lash in the distributor.
Ron, Al, Mark and others replaced the oil gear, distributor shaft, and distributor.

The new spring, lower shaft, and oil pump drive gear

Al is ready to drop in the distributor.

The ignition cable tip was too short, so it was replaced.

Max had two engines on display to show the differences in the valve cover plates and oil return tube.
The engine on the right is older and the tube mounts about a half-inch higher at the intake.
The left picture shows the position of the intake tube just below the centerline on newer engines.

Al and Mark fill up their siphon hose at the sediment bowl.
I kept waiting for someone to put the hose in their mouth, but this wasn't their first rodeo.

While Al put his finger over his end, Mark quickly stuck his end into the tank to drain it.

Fred's car would die at a stop light which might be caused by a high float which can flood the jets.

Ed, Paul, Fred, Miller and Ron discuss adjusting the float level.

Ron cut down a washer to lower the float valve.

After making a valve cover gasket out of a paper sack, the guys got it all back together, and it ran.
Ok, it didn't run long enough to make it home; so, it was left at Max's garage for another day.

Thanks for the good cookies.

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