Restoration Clinic
October 12, 2019

Location:Max Phillips' Garage
Chiefs:Ron Taylor and Al Bohn
Indians:Fred Thompson, Claude Folta, Joe Hocker, & J R Howard

Fred drove his car into Max's garage and said his headlights didn't work.

Within 5 seconds of opening the hood, Ron said he found the problem.

Within 2 minutes, Ron fixed the loose fuse in the fuse block.

The headlight fuse block

Max's Fordor came with a well-welded drip rail.

Max has been filling and sanding the other side, and
he appears to have made good progress in the rear corner.

Al and Fred continue to tinker.

Max's Phaeton is of interest.

Find out what Max showed us in the November Newsletter.

When I went to leave, my starter switch wouldn't release.

Lucky for me, I have a master switch, so I could stop the spinning.
Moving the 5/8 inch nut on the battery cable released the weld.

It didn't stick when I started the engine, and I made it home without incident.
I've smoothed the contacts, and it should be okay.

by J R Howard

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