Restoration Clinic
October 9, 2021
Claude Folta's Garage

Prime MechanicsRon Taylor, Al Bohn
Secondary MechanicsPatrick Beagle, Felix Boston, Dan Cravens, Jim Ferguson, Claude Folta,
MoreJohn Ftacek, Ed Herrschaft, J R Howard, Fredrick Khoury, Paul Ranney, Gary Sutfin
Objects of our affections: Fred's '29 Fordor, Fredrick's '30 Pickup
First Objectives:Fred's timing and Fredrick's tail lights
Just Attended BreafastJoe Hocker, Cheryl Tatro

Fred's car would not do more than 30 mph on the way to IHOP.    On the way to Claude's garage, there is a short, steep hill to climb. Fred almost made it up the hill followed closly by Fredrick and comfortably behind, J R Howard.   Just in time, Fredrick made an escape maneuver around Fred followed by J R.   Fred reversed down the hill to the shoulder to clear the road.  

A small crowd gathers.

While waiting for a truck, Fred started pulling his car up the hill.   I'm sure he would have made it if the
emergency brake had been released and then the truck arrived to save the day.
Fred needs to get his back into it.

There were eleven Model A's to admire.

Felix's Coupe, Al's Fordor, and Claude's Tudor

Gary Sutfin's boattail. His father had made it handicap accesible.

Claude's hand pumped gas dispenser.

Fredrick is working on his loose pitman arm.

Fredrick adds a shim on two sides of the shaft that the pitman arm attaches to.
It removes some play so that the arm can be secured.

Paul, Ed, and Al watch Fredrick wrestle with his steering box.

Patrick, Claude, and Fredrick check tail light wiring.

Claude measures voltage with Al, Ron, and Fredrick.
They ifentified the problem, but needed to wire to complete.

Ron is adjusting the timing on Fred's car.
Ed, Felix, Jim, and Fred help.

Felix and Patrick visit while Fred and Dan watch Ron work.

After setting the timing on Fred's car, Felix offered to test drive it. He invited Paul along.
They got about a block away with the car died and wouldn't start. Ron towed him back.
Fred's car made it home. It needs a new intake exhaust gasket to solve some of the problems.
The dying might be a carburetor issue. Ron will follow up later.

Claude looks for a tap to fix Gary's unicycle.

Gary's Unicycle needs to mount one of the pedals. Gary will have to buy a tap.

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