Restoration Clinic
September 7, 2019

Location:Max's Garage
Chiefs:Ron Taylor and Al Bohn
Indians:Ernest Nichols, John G. Sullivan, John Patterson, Luke Markham
Jedidiah Crone, John Ftacek, Tim Sellers, J R Howard

Al's New AC

The Compressor sits under the Alternator.

John F.'s Starter

The Green Hornet displays the broken lock washer. It was replaced with Ron's Model T part.
Ron's Cabriolet gives new meaning to a parts car.

John F. reinstalls his starter.

Al, Tim, Ron, John S., Luke, and Jedidiah ponder.

Al's fuel pump. Does this ensure he gets the last drop out of the tank?

Ron pulls the fan belt to open the points in John F.'s Coupe.

Ron tests the gap with a .020 blade.

John S. admires Ernest's efforts to buff out some wiper scratches.

It must be a cool floor to have four mechanics adjust the emergency brake to clear the AC on Al's Fordor.