Sun City
2018 Mardi Gras Parade

Rendezvous at the Legacy Hills Park
Gerald Walker's 31 Tudor, Ron Taylor's 31 Cabriolet, and Felix Boston's 29 Coupe

Ron & Laurie Taylor with class

Max Phillips' '28 Tudor,  Paul Ranney's '29 Coupe,  and Ed Angel's '31 Pickup

Gerald's Tudor, John Ftacek's '31 Coupe, Ron's Cabriolet, and Boston's Coupe

Paul,  Gerald,  and John

The start of the parade

Pom Poms with pants

'55 Ford V8 with skirts

'57 Chevy two-door hardtop

Ed Angel and Dave Casey

Jim Owen's '31 Roadster

Fred Thompson in his '29 Fordor

Paul Ranney

J R Howard in his '30 Tudor

Gerald Walker in his '31 Tudor

John Ftacek in his '29 Coupe

Felix Boston speeding past the photographer

Still married

There were plenty of spectators, many dressed for the moment.

Photos by Joan Angel and J R Howard

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