Georgetown Swirl
February 7, 2020

Leader:Max Phillips
Participates:Al & June Bohn, Ron & Laurie Taylor, Felix Boston
Glenn Schiller, John & Ashley Paterson

This event was hosted by the Georgetown Main Street Program and benefited the Fašade & Sign Grant Program. This was a wine and restaurant food tasting event to raise money to help maintain the Georgetown Main Street historic district.

Off to the Swirl

Where is everyone. We're ready for Happy Hour.

Ron's '31 Cabriolet, Glenn's '31 Tudor, Felix's '29 Coupe, and Max's '28 Tudor

Where is everyone?

Here they come

Glenn is a Lady Magnet.

Max and Felix in their Saturday Best

John made it. Let's go!

Laurie & Ashley wearing their fur are headed to dinner.

45-Minute Wait turns into Selfie Fun

The club's participation was a crowd favorite.

Pictures by Glenn Schiller
Captions by Laurie

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