1929 Tudor For Sale
Charles White

Linda and I have decided to sell Tex, our 1929 Tudor for $15,000 with all paperwork and receipts. Improvements include 6v alternator, high comp. Head, sealed radiator, modern shocks, turn signals, fog lights, zipper electronic ignition, new wheels that were powder coated, new wiring, new headlights, new radiator shell, radiator, muffler, zenith air balanced carb.,intake and exhaust manifolds, insulated firewall, new floors with transmission dip stick and access plate, battery access plate, basement storage in back floorboard, driver seat legs installed for more leg room, new tire tubes, 2nd tail/brake light, new bearings front/rear, chrome stone guard on front. Luggage rack and rear spare, newer headliner, vintage metal bud vases, newly replaced gas cut off valve and lines, ignition switch, 1929 plates restored both front and rear(not matching), electrical disconnect switch, newer 6 volt battery.

This car is ready to tour for someone with the time and desire to enjoy it as much as we have. All items listed as new were put on the car within the last 5-7 years and have less than 2000 miles on them. We have had the car approximately 10 years after acquiring it from my father. The car has no issues that I am aware of. It has been in my shop for the last year on Jack stands and is run regularly on them as I run it through the gears to keep engine, transmission and rear end well lubricated.

Will consider trade for pickup from 1930ís to 1960ís

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