Suggestions for Model A Trips

Cooper's BBQ

Shiner Beer Brewery

Gonzales (93 miles)

Jester King Brewery (South Austin) 18 miles, open on Sunday

Rohan Meader (Maker of honey wines) LaGrange 89 miles

Dr. Pepper Museum (Waco) 81 miles

Brazos Valley Cheese (5 miles north of Waco)

Megg's Café and Hamilton Bread Company (40 miles) can include Railroad museum

Bluebonnet Time in Texas - Always beautiful Bluebonnets on the way to Burnet (35 miles) or Llano (69 Miles) and great BBQ

Central Texas Olive Ranch (12 miles outside of Georgetown)

Broken Spoke - Modern car and night time

Zabcikville, Texas

is an unincorporated community in east Bell County, Texas with a population of about 40 according to a 1990 estimate.[2] Zabcikville is known for Green's Sausage House, the only remaining open business in town, that serves as a restaurant and a store for residents and people passing through.[3] The town is named for the Zabcik (Žab?ik) family, immigrants from Ratibo? in the Zlín Region of Moravia, Czech Republic. When the Zabciks immigrated to Texas in 1855, Ratibo? was part of the Austrian Empire.

Hemi Hideout

"Texas Highways" January page 78 The Armstrong Browning LIBRARY Waco Baylor campus.

A good tour could be made going here some weekend.

Lunch at Colings streat Bakery.

Domino factory outlet

Homestead Farms North of town.

Texas Rangers Museum

Many good new Hotels