Blanco Tour

Because of the large fuel tank, Model A'ers can't just stop at gas stations.
Cars: Sullivan, McCormick, Ranney, Bohn, and Casey

Be sure to monitor your fuel gauge often.
Dub & Diane Brown stop for gas

Many thanks to Ron Taylor and Glenn Schiller for their help

Things to consider for a tour.
Bring a block for the opposite tire.
Check tire inflation on all 5 tires.
A towel might keep you cleaner
A level place to stop is nice.
Bring a board if your jack has a small footprint
Can your jack fit under your front axle with a flat.
A cheater bar might be needed for your screw jack.
A 4x4x6 block for your scissor jack is a good idea.
A digging tool could be handy on soft ground.

Red Ones

Yellow ones

and Blue ones lined our road

Thirteen 85 to 89-year olds
at the courthouse,   bank,   high school,   and one time hospital

A time for lunch

Courthouse ceiling trim

Small Tool Box for house calls

Small Tool Box with Oil and Water

Large Tool Box for your spare parts

Very Secure Large Tool Box for the soldier of fortune

Aerodynamic Tool Box for the Faster Car

Dave Casey's pickup with overdrive
Ask him about the time he drove the Texas Motor Speedway

Dub Brown's rear end

Frank Caldarola's rear end

Ken Smith's rear end
Joyce Smith secures the door

Little known performance accessory

Visitor's 1930 Tudor
His two-bladed propeller broke off once at cruising speed.
Without a propeller, you will go slower.

Paul discussing the finer points of life with Frank and Ron

Larry's 1930 Coupe

Vendor Tents in the background

Some of the easy riders
Al & June Bohn
Frank & Joanne Caldarola
Jim & Billie Cunningham
Jack & Sally Fisher
Larry & Nancy McCormick
Ken & Joyce Smith
Ron & Laurie Taylor
Dub & Diane Brown
Dave & Lynn Casey
Charlie & Johnnie DeVaul
J R Howard
Paul Ranney & Joy Morrison
John & Linda Sullivan
Glenn Schiller

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