Hogeye Festival

Max Phillips & Rebecca Jordan led our group on a great tour in beautiful weather.

Attendees: Al & June Bohn, Paul Ranney & Joy Morrison, Charlie & Linora De Vaul,
Jack & Sally Fisher, J R & Lois Howard, Dennis McDaniel, Glenn Schiller & David Knott, and Ron & Laurie Taylor

Time to dress up Glenn Schiller's car with some line dancers

Some chains for the unruly

Seasonal hood ornament.

When you need an extra person for the high-occupancy lanes: Schiller's A

Ron Taylor always has a ready supply of hot water.

Glenn talked the car show managers into letting us park in the car show area without a fee.
We had 7 A's and a late '34.

The first four in the line-up.

The red Corvette convertible pace car was not allowed to park with the group.

There were plenty of Pigtivities to do.

When Fords go bad

When Fords go really bad

When the young'uns go bad

This 1953 Willys Jeep model was used during the Korean and early Viet Nam wars.
It had a 3-speed transmission with 4 cyl,
F-Head 134 cubic inch Hurricane engine.

This Alpaca breeder is "carding" the Alpaca wool.
This process straightens the wool fibers before it goes to the spinning wheel.

There was plenty of live entertainment.

The Derailers had the best dancer.

Do you know where the gas cap is?

The petting zoo is only for the brave.

The best piglet

A pig in a pokey

Appropriate T-shirts

And the chocolate has bacon.

A big hand to Max and Rebecca


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