Main Street Car Show
October 26th, 2019

Leaders: Ron and Laurie Taylor
A Drivers:Miller Casey, Claude Folta, Glenn Schiller, Max Phillips & Rebecca Jordan, Felix Boston,
John Anderson, J R Howard, Earnest & Antoinette Nichols, Al & June Bohn,
Attendees:Joe Hocker, Cheryl Tatro, Dennis McDaniel, John G. & Diana Sullivan,
Fred & Darlene Thompson, Jim & Sandra Young

10 Little Model A's All in a Row
The best part of over 600 cars.


1934 Ford Coupe

1954 Chevrolet

It's a great looking Corvette, but the baby stroller is "best in class."

10 Little Corvettes All in a Row
The first one is a ZR1 with a sticker price of $143,000. That's not a lot for 755 hp.

1957 T-Bird with Corvette Power

Similar to a C Cab Model T

Nice 1953 Buick at the Drive-In

A Slingshot For Sale

High Stepper with Fancy Lights

1955 Chevrolet Two-Door Sport Coupe with Period Paint

The Taylor Fire Department and the 1916 American LaFrance Ladder Truck Restoration Project.

The Taylor Fire Department has one of the most colorful histories in Williamson County. Some form of firefighting equipment and personnel has existed since the city was established in 1876. The first fire truck was a wooden fire wagon which was pulled by a trained fire horse named "Dan." The Taylor Fire Department founded in 1887 was then operated by 6 volunteer fire companies with over 100 volunteer firefighters. The first company, Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, was established in 1887 followed by the City Hose Company No. 2. Then in 1899, the F. W. Adams Hose Company No. 3 was established. In 1907, the Hugh Burns Hose Company No. 4 was established followed by the C.M. Hose Company No. 5 in 1913.

In 1914, Taylor made "the big change" and acquired the first horseless fire wagon built from a Moon motor car. In 1916, the Volunteers realized the need for a more modern fire apparatus and in that year, purchased the American LaFrance Ladder Truck. The truck, a 3-speed manual transmission with reverse and equipped with a hand-operated parking brake and electric starter made responding to emergencies much more efficient and safer with the addition of the hand-operated siren. The ladder truck is equipped with 221 feet of wooden ladders and a 150-gallon soda acid fire extinguishing system, various hand tools, portable fire extinguishers, and a front center-mounted search light.

The 1916 American LaFrance Ladder Truck will be restored to its original condition strictly by generous donations.

Earnest's '29 Tudor, Max's '28 Tudor, John Anderson's '31 Coupe, & J R Howard's '30 Tudor

Miller's '31 Red Sport Coupe, Felix's '29 Five Window Coupe, Claude's '31 Tudor,
Al's '30 Fordor, Glenn's '31 Tudor, Ron's '31 Cabriolet
Since the suspension system in the "car" stroller was a little too stiff,
that couple switched it out for a softer ride.

1957 Cadillac with 8846 miles

1929 Packard Boattail

A 1928 Packard Phaeton

A Great Looking Wheel

The wood dash is a nice touch.

About 14 of us ate lunch at the Lucky Duck Cafe. Too bad, we were a day early.

1915 Model T Ford Closed Cab Delivery Truck

2004 - 2008 Ford GT

I think there is a better balance for wheels.

1962 Corvette
Route 66 is an American television drama that premiered on CBS on
October 7, 1960, and ran until March 20, 1964, for a total of 116 episodes.

Auburn Speedster, circa 1935

Its Flathead 8 had a Supercharger.

The End of the Day

by J R Howard

The following pictures provided by Jim Young

Another 1955 Chevy

John's Coupe

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