Texas Tour 2017
Victoria, Texas

Pathfinder: Glenn Schiller
Pilgrims: Paul Ranney & Joy Morrison, Max Phillips & Rebecca Jordan, Al & June Bohn
Cheryl Tatro & Joe Hocker, John & Linda Sullivan, Mark & Kiki Corry, David Knott
Ed & Joan Angel, Fred & Darleen Thompson, Ron & Laurie Taylor, Jim Ferguson

Let's have a party viedo

Happy Hour in Victoria
Mark, Linda, John, Joy, Paul, and Joan.

Five Fearless A's
Max's '28 Tudor, John's '31 Slant Window,
Al's '30 Fordor, Ron's '31 Cabriolet, & Glenn's '31 Tudor

Fred's '29 Blindback Sedan on this end

A house in Gonzales

Max's car in front of the "Come and Take It" flag in Gonzales.

With a little bailing wire, I can fix this.

Why you should always pack a spare belt.

Breaking bread

Cheryl dressed to the nines

Max and Rebecca

June and Al

David, Max, Ron, Laurie, June, Al, Darleen, and Fred

Ron used Dave Casey's blue A in the Hubley races.

Paul raced a black Fordor.

Bob Steinmann would have to add some detail to this car.

Not the fastest car, but my favorite.

Some of the cars in the 54th Texas Tour

Paul, Joy, and Ed

Glenn and Al take a selfie

This old house
Victoria has an 86-house, 2.5-hour driving tour.

Rebecca and Kiki

A park on the way to Port Lavaca.
The "log" in the middle of the picture was making about 2 knots.

Joe, Cheryl, Joy, Paul, Linda, and John

Jim, Rebecca, Max, Mark, and Kiki

Darleen and Fred

Ed and Joan Angel

Ron and Laurie

David Knott

Glenn Schiller

A little entertainment

Fixing John Sullivan's gas line

Fine snacking

Pictures by Glenn Schiller and Ed Angel

More Event pictures


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