Texas Tour
June 11, 2020

Billie Cunningham, J R Howard & Jacob Howard, John Anderson, Jim Ferguson, & John G. Sullivan give a send off to the Taylors. The Taylors led the Model As to Glenn Shillers' house on their way to Brenham Texas. Ron, Laurie, and Glenn expect to see Scarecrow and Dennis McDaniel at the tour.



Laurie & Ron

Out Ron's Window Friday Morning

Who said you couldn't herd cats?

2020 Texas Tour Recap:

73 pre-registrations & 145 people. Still trying to figure out what the number was after late registrations.

This tour was simple, nothing fancy. There was a welcome party & a farewell party where simple meals were served with minimal time talking on the speaker, which gave more time for socializing.

We didnít have fashion or car judging, which allowed everyone to enjoy touring both Friday and Saturday in their cars. Without the judging, it elevated SO much stress of people attending, as well as for the organizers.

Because we had simple meals & no judging, we didnít need a big fancy venue. We had outdoor meals due to COVID, but we could have also done an indoor meal without table decorations at a venue for a small price increase.

With these simple changes, we went from a $40,000 budget (thatís what we operated on in 2016 when I planned the tour in Glen Rose) to a $4,000 budget this year. That is 1/10th the financial risk & 1/10th of the stressóbut 10 times the amount of fun.

The general consensus from the people there was that they would like Texas Tour in the future to follow this pattern, less organized activities & more organized touring- which also leads to less expenses.

We often hear from the smaller clubs that they canít do a Texas Tour because of the cost- now you can because itís been proven it can be done.

Thank you to everyone who came. We had a great time organizing the tour for you. Please take the experiences you had and talk with your club about how a Texas Tour can be made WAY simpler than it has been in recent years & consider hosting one. We are here to help you.

The Greater Houston club is scheduled to be in rotation to host the 2021 Texas Tour. It is unclear whether they have arrangements ready for next summer or not. Maybe someone from Houston can inform us of their plans.

Jordan Douglass

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