Texas Early Day Engine and Tractor Show
Saturday, October 1st

LeaderRon Taylor
CrewAl Bohn & son, Claude Folta, J R Howard, Dennis McDaniel, Fred Thompson & son-in-law

The day started with Taylor's Cabriolet needing a jump start from Al's Fordor

Our cars

Hit and Miss engine

How to make electricity

1923 Fairbanks-Morse 2 cyl - 2 cycle Diesel makes 75 Horse Power

These pulleys are driven by the Diesel which in turn drive the cotton gin
which separates the sticky seeds from the short-staple cotton.

This rear engine tractor sure puts the weight on the drive wheels.

Grinding Corn

Hit and Miss Engine

Rumely Oil Pull Tractor How to Start

Titan 10-20 Tractor made about 1920

Corn Grinding

Tractor Pull Contest

1936 Ford with 85 HP engine

Austin Fire Department, Engine
Ladder Truck - 1928 American LaFrance has 6 cylinders that develop 105 HP.

Hit and Miss engine to make ice cream on the fly.

1904 Fairbanks Morse Hoisting Engine
Used for mining near Las Vegas, NV.

Maytag Gas Powered Wringer Washing Machine

Best Seat in the House

What could a person do with all these cobs?

1941 "0-4" Orchard makes 24 HP on a good day.

1929 McCormick Deering with 22-36 HP
Love the Lugs

The weights peg this one to be in the trator pull.

Two Row Corn planter digs a furrow, drops a seed, and covers it. The trailing wheels provide the power to dispense the corn.

Very important to stay out of the Sun.

Sitting in the bleachers watching the parade is the best way to see the tractors.

Kinda like a Rumble Seat

No age limit to drive a Tractor

Pictures by Charles White and J R Howard

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