Pearl Bluegrass Jam Session and Stage Show
April 6, 2019

Leader:Ron & Laurie Taylor
Caravan Max Phillips & Rebecca Jordan, Ashley Talyor & John Paterson
Earnest & Antoinette Nichols, and J R Howard
PresentDennis McDaniel, Dub Brown

For our Tours, there is always the Journey and the Destination

Pearl is in Coryell County inside the box near the west corner of the county.

Since we were expecting rain, we didn't worry about getting the cars wet.

Earnest & Antoinette met us at the Kempner Shell Station.

It's always nice to dress the part.
Max, Rebecca, Ashley, John, Earnest, Antoinette, Laurie, and Ron

Max's '29 and Earnest's '29 Tudors

John, Ashley, Laurie, Ron, Earnest, Antoinette, Max, and J R

An iris in front of the library

Mostly just browsing

Many many paper and hard back books. I almost bought an Alistair Cook history of America book.

Chicken & dumplings and pecan pie are my favorites.

And they put out the desserts first.

The young players are up first.

I'm glad the truck waited for us to cross.

The Journey

We talked to two interesting locals.

The first person taught trade skills and work ethics at one of the Gatesville correction facilities. The city has five of the eight prisons and state jails for women operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Wikipedia.

The second person encouraged us to take a picture of our cars and send our visit to the Gatesville Messenger. She wanted a positive story to offset all the negative news the paper publishes.

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