Hubley Derby

Metal 1:20 scale models, maximum weight is 5 pounds 5 ounces,
manual release, electronic timing, almost instant results on screen.

Some of the Cars

Al sets the cars and pulls the trigger.

Each car runs on all three tracks for an average time.

The race is on.

Ron Taylor picks up the pieces after a race.

Just look at that upholstery on Ron's Roadster.

Ron Taylor - Third Place Winner

Al Bohn - Second Place Winner

John Paterson - Blue Ribbon Winner

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The Cars
Fashion Show
Hubley Derby
Comfort, TX
Neunhoffer Ranch
Y. O. Ranch Headquarters
Auction and Raffles
Time for a Picture

  Planning Committee     Attendees
Hats off to all the workers who put on a great Texas Tour!

Pictures by:
John Paterson, Ron Taylor, Ashley Taylor, J R Howard
Honorable mention: Felix Boston

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