Y O Ranch Headquarters Tour
Scenic Drive, Wild Animals, Wild Bees, Ranch Houses, and Cowboy Lunch

The owner, Sandra Sadler in blue blouse, was there to ensure we were taken care of.

One of the ranch hands cut some branches for the giraffes.

A hunting you can go in a '23 Dodge with Chevy V-8 power.
They also have a machine gun range: Dillon miniguns and M-2 .50 cal. have shot up their targets.
They have one of the first Civil War cannons with rifling and one without it.

They have a number of longhorn cattle.

The first bus drove for one hour, while the second bus took you on a two-hour trip to see the animals.

Blackbuck Antelope, Axis Deer, Sika Deer, Fallow Deer and Auodad Sheep were introduced starting in 1953.

When I asked our guide if any of their animals escaped, her answer was. "Oh Yes!"
As we drove in, I told her there was a Wildebeest with the longhorns.
Our guide was missing a wildebeest, and now she knows where it is.

Our guide had to let the giraffe have a taste before it would approach our bus.

There were no trees in their valley like the branches the guide had.

They like oatmeal cookies.

The mom will stick her head in the bus for a cookie.

Paul feeds the giraffe for about 5 minutes.

This is a Rhea and is in the ostrich family. We also saw an ostrich.

The Gemsbok is a beautiful animal.

They had several Llamas. They lost a number of animals in the recent flood.

The saloon was very nice.

Another way to mount a luggage rack. On a stagecoach, it's called a rear boot and was covered in leather.

These bees were about 10 feet over our sidewalk.
The staff discovered them too late to move them.

The chicken and brisket were great.

Time to Dish Up

Time to Wait

The Cars
Fashion Show
Hubley Derby
Comfort, TX
Neunhoffer Ranch
Y. O. Ranch Headquarters
Auction and Raffles
Time for a Picture

  Planning Committee     Attendees
Hats off to all the workers who put on a great Texas Tour!

Pictures by:
John Paterson, Ron Taylor, Ashley Taylor, J R Howard
Honorable mention: Felix Boston

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