Restoration Clinics

May 14 Clinicbrakes, timing, wheel play
March 19 ClinicPoints, fan belt, idling, clean out jets
2022February 12 ClinicManifold re-surface, vacuum gauge

December 4 ClinicRadiator water density, polarity, wheel alignment
October 9 Clinicpitman arm, tail lights, timing, towing
September 7 ClinicWater Pump
2021March 20 ClinicBackfiring, 1934 Sauce

September 12ClinicBrakes
March 14ClinicGas Tank installation
Febuary 8 ClinicThrottle linkage and more
2020January 11 ClinicStarting Beagle's car

October 12 ClinicFred's headlights, oil pan guides, starter switch
September 7ClinicStarter, scratches, gaps
July 13 ClinicSpeedster
June 8ClinicAligning,
2019March 9 ClinicDrain fuel tank, radiator flush, skates

June 3ClinicDollies, starter switch, cup holder, trunk
May 5 ClinicLash, new spring, ignition cable tip,
oil return tubes, siphoning, float level, paper sack gasket
2018February 3ClinicCasey & the knocking engine

September 9 ClinicHead gasket replacement
June 2ClinicLost cork, alignment
April 1 ClinicAlignment, alternator, fuel line, points, hand cranking
2017February 11 ClinicAlignment,speedometer, intake gasket,

November 12ClinicInstalling gas tank
June 4ClinicSpring spreader, front axle
April 16ClinicSnow shoes, drums, brake rods, shifter disengagement
2016February 13ClinicBrake rods, brake light switch

November 14WorkshopTiming, gas cap gasket
September 12WorkshopTiming gear, oil pan jack
June 6ClinicFocus, extending a wrench, headlight alignment, timeing, dining table
2015April 25 WorkshopRear window brake light,

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